9A1, Amber Block, Olympia Oplaine, Omr, Navalur, 600130 Chennai IN
9A1, Amber Block, Olympia Oplaine, Omr, Navalur, Chennai, IN
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About Store

Question: Can i come and purchase directly from your store?
Answer: We dont have a physical shop and ours is online store only. We sell our products only through our website ( and display the collections on our Facebook page.
Question: Where are you located?
Answer: We are based out of Chennai, India.
Question: How frequent do you post Collections?
Answer: We post collections every day on our website. Every evening, we share collections on our Facebook page, to give an idea of what will be posted on our website the next day.

Question: We have seen Facebook pages/websites similar to your brand, are they yours?
Answer: On seeing the kind of response that we received from our customers, many people have started creating similar sounding pages/websites to attract customers. We are no way connected to them and we will not be responsible for any issues arising with them.
                             We operate under these two urls only,

Question: Can i have your contact details?
Answer:                               Neidhal,
                                                9a1, Amber block,
                                                Olympia Oplaine,
                                                Navalur, OMR,
                                                Tamilnadu, India.
                                                Ph: +91 7401184012/04447430301
About Website

Question: Why don’t i see all that is posted on Facebook in website?
Answer: As on when Products are sold out, we remove from website. In case of Facebook page, inventory is not maintained, and hence all posts will remain as it is irrespective of availability. At any point of time, website will give you an idea about what is currently available.

Question: The Product that i was looking for is Sold Out, Will it be restocked?
Answer: If available in market we will restock. To check if a product will be restocked, please whatsapp +91 7401184012.

Question: How do i order a Product?
Answer: Just like any other ecommerce website, you can create an account, add the items to cart, Make online payment/COD and then order will be created. Incase if you don’t wish to create an account, you can order using Guest Login.
About Payments

Question: Is the Website secure for online transaction?
Answer: Yes, our website is secured using a SSL Certificate. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

Question: Is Cash on Delivery Available?

Answer: Cash on Delivery is suspended due to logistics issues. Will resume once the problem is solved.

Question: What are the Payment options Available?
Answer: Almost all types of payment options like, Credit card, debit card, net banking, Paytm, Wallets are available. 
Question: How do i know if my order is confirmed?
Answer: Once payment is done successfully, an order confirmation Email and SMS will be sent to you automatically. Please make a note of order id (OID followed by 4 digits, ex OID6000) and use it for any further  communication. In case of Cash on Delivery orders, Order is confirmed only after verification. reserves the right to cancel an order without prior notice.

Question: How to cancel an order?
Answer: No Cancellation or Refunds accepted in, request you to be sure before making an order.
Question: Amount got debited, but order didn’t get generated, what should i do?
Answer:This happens when there is huge network traffic. Please call us or whatspp +91 7401184012, we will assist you accordingly.
Question: Transaction gets failed every time, what should i do?
Answer: This usually happens if the entered values are incorrect. Try using another card or account.
Question: Can i make a Transaction with my International card or account?
Answer: Sorry currently we don’t have provision to accept international cards or accounts, we are working on it. Having said that,  if you wish to buy our products, please whatsapp +91 7401184012 and we will help you with details.
About Shipping
Question: Will there be any additional charge for Shipping? Do you have International Shipping?
Answer: No, Shipping is free within India. Currently we do not have International shipping.
Question: When will be my order shipped?
Question: When and how will I get my tracking details?
Answer: Tracking details are mostly shared via SMS and Email in 2-4 working days of shipping. Request you to track the order on regular intervals.

About Delivery

Question: What are the Delivery Timelines?
Answer:                Tamil Nadu (1-5 Working days from day of shipping),
                             Other States (2-7 working days from day of shipping). Due to Restrictions there may be delays.
Question: What should I do if I haven’t received the order even after the specified Timeline?
Answer: Please reach out to us on our whatsapp number +91 7401184012 and we will assist you accordingly.

Question: What should I do if I receive a tampered package?
Answer: Please do not accept if you receive a tampered package, call us and share the info. We will arrange for a new one. We will not be held responsible if you receive a tampered package and later claim the product as damage.
Question: I would like to Return a Product, What should I do?
Answer: We don’t accept returns. Products will be eligible for replacement, only in case where there is genuine damage and it is reported to us on or next day of receiving the product.
Question: I received a damaged product, what should I do?
Answer: If there is a genuine damage, please let us know in a day of receiving the product. Please ship the product in INDIA POST PARCEL SERVICE only. We will try to ship the same product if available or we will  refund the entire Product. You can also exchange it with any other product. For more details, please check RETURN POLICY page.