9A1, Amber Block, Olympia Oplaine, Omr, Navalur, 600130 Chennai IN
9A1, Amber Block, Olympia Oplaine, Omr, Navalur, Chennai, IN
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About us

Thousands of Middle class housewives across India dream about becoming Entrepreneurs and  i am one among them. Neidhal was born out of that dream and has grown slowly, but steadily from the day we started. Though we are not from textile background or have prior Business experience, we strongly believe, our shear passion for clothes and determination to achieve our goal will be the driving force behind us. We wanted to build a brand that would identify our tradition and culture, which is why we named our store as "Neidhal". 

We believe in providing good range of products with unmatched quality at affordable price. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we try to put our best efforts in satisfying their needs.

Neidhal team comprises of two members and we run Neidhal from our two bedroom apartment in Chennai.

Though we wish to succeed in this venture, we will still be happy and satisfied that we chased our dream and tried it with full vigor, in case if we are unable to reach the stage where we wanted to be.

For us, trying itself is a success.